Why organizations move to cloud?

Cloud computing is the most dynamic technology and well-known business strategy these days. Today most of the organizations move to cloud platforms for better scalability, reduced cost, faster implementation, flexibility and security. Cloud storage offers this flexible access so you can use all your business applications no matter where you are, hence providing increased collaboration.

The most imperative question arises is that can all organization move to cloud? The answer is YES. Any organization can move to cloud regardless whether it is small sized or medium sized or corporate. Most of us has a wrong concept of migrating to cloud is more complex and expensive. There are plenty of reasons Why organizations should move to cloud. One of the main reasons is its cost efficiency or reduced cost in other words.

Traditional infrastructural cost is much higher compared to cloud. In cloud technology organization has to pay only for what they use. This is the most important economic benefit of SaaS model. Recent analysis on organizations running on cloud services has the highest cost savings compared to the organization running on traditional data centers. Cloud model has less operational cost and lower capital cost.


Cloud Computing or SaaS models are well known for its scalability-in simple words the ability to upscale or downscale resources over the internet according to organizational needs. Auto scaling services is also provided by Cloud Service Providers. Hence making SaaS model agile. Organization can reshape its IT infrastructure with minimal cost and less time.

Laptop Mobile Tab Cloud Flexibility

Most of the organization move to cloud for its flexible feature. Employees can access files using web-enabled devices such as smartphones, laptops and notebooks. The ability to simultaneously share documents and other files over the Internet can also help support both internal and external collaboration. ClickFew is a cloud based Financial accounting software for any type organization with better scalability, reduced cost, faster implementation, flexibility and security

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