Cloud accounting software – A boon for SMEs

The advent of cloud accounting software has definitely marked a series of changes in the overall functioning of businesses in recent years. Even though the promising technology was introduced decades ago, shifting from the traditional methods for bookkeeping was a little doubt causing to cautious business owners. The transition to cloud technology not only helps you to cut the overall time and tedious efforts but also ensures the enhanced security of your data thus boosting up the scalability of your business. The leveraging of cloud technology has enabled businesses in making data-driven decisions and thus to scale up their businesses.

Drawbacks of traditional accounting software

  • It is indeed an arduous task to accurately maintain up to date data and updated software.
  • Practical limitations in data transmissions since the only way to transfer files are to use a USB drive or email.
  • Limited accessibility of data, multi-user access is not possible.
  • The customer support system is considerably slow and time-consuming
  • The cost and complexity in the effective management of backup information.

How exactly the cloud accounting software benefits SMEs?

Cloud accounting software is undoubtedly a beneficial choice for small and medium businesses to effectively manage and maintain their financial wing. Here are the reasons why businesses should switch to cloud accounting:

Ease of access

The centralized data management system offers the flexibility of remote access to your data: anywhere and anytime, and with any compatible devices. Moreover, it eliminates the need of storing multiple files as in case of the traditional desktop software.


Almost every cloud accounting software is amenable with the subsequent evolvement and differences in growth of your business, and they too scale up with your business. And hence, accounting software grows up with the expansion of your businesses and accounts.

Elevated Security

Cloud applications offer a highly reliable storage of data, with enhanced data protection in three levels of security – physical, hardware and software. Your data is being protected at the software level with malware and virus detection techniques, and at the hardware level utilizing the advantages of intrusion detection systems.

Software updates made easy

With cloud accounting software, you will always have in your system, the most recent version of the software, updated automatically in the cloud itself. On the contrary, you need to get your traditional desktop accounting software to be installed periodically.

In short, the benefits of cloud accounting software surely helps small and medium scale businesses to get things done more easier than to rely on traditional desktop accounting software. It contributes to save your effort and time and offers greater flexibility, reliability and other supports that help make your accounting simplistic.

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